Sarah’s style is welcoming, encouraging and playful.  As a facilitator, she offers a attuned balance between clear directives and freedom for self-expression. Her curious and exploratory nature are contagious and it is with great delight that I look forward to engaging in more experiences with her in the future!
Christyn King, workshop participant and Yoga (therapy) instructor

Sarah opens her heart and creates an inviting space to explore moving our bodies individually and as a group.
Alicia, workshop participant and Yoga instructor

Over the past two years, I have attended every dance class Sarah has offered when it was possible for me… missing them is a real disappointment. This is because the thought she puts into the themes that she invites us to explore with movement and the somatic experience of the dances themselves are deeply meaningful, relaxing, and transformative.
Sarah lifts those who dance with her to a level of lightness and presence rivaling meditative experiences, yet which are much more fun. Her careful preparation, choice of music, and the integration of art, music, dance and even spirit make for a truly transcendent moment.
Gwen Hallsmith, workshop participant

I have attended a few of Sarah’s movement classes. Sarah goes out of her way to present her material in a warm and inviting way. She is very professional and her dance classes appeal to a wide array of students. I always enjoy Sarah’s dance classes!
Daria Babbitt, workshop participant

Sarah brought out in the children things I have never seen before in them!
7th grade teacher after workshop “Everyone feels something different”

Sarah’s workshops always show her high level of creativity.
Sarah has a sincere and natural attitude towards children and adults. She executes her workshops with a lot of enthusiasm and her work is always of high quality. Sarah is an honest and trusted colleague and fun to work with.
Martine Zwarteveen, museum educator, Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Sarah has a great personality and a big heart. She is intelligent, creative and generous. Her empathy reaches far. She has great insight in herself.
She has a fine, affectionate charisma, […] good at listening and articulating.
I have a deep respect for her way of living, really living! Her big heart will always accompany her.
Ria Hildebrandt, Querido dance therapy teacher and ballet teacher

Sarah’s creativity and her ability to think and work conceptional are her strength. She is very original, intuitive and clear.
Huguette ter Mors, graphic designer and Querido dance therapy teacher