Dance, create, share – that is what I want to do and bring more of into the world.

With movementum I offer creative classes, workshops and sessions. Visualization, S. Spletzer 7dance,craeting with our hands and minds, visual artwork and sharing between human beings can all be a part of that!

Dancing can make us become more aware of our bodies, ourselves, our surrounding and our being and doing in the world.
reativity can be applied to all fields in life and can help us find new and uncommon ways to interact with our world and everyday life.
The setting of a supporting group can help us find the courage to change what we want to change in our lifes and in the world.

schwarzer Strich

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I offer

  • Mini Retreats for Women – monthly group sessions, with a new focus theme each month
  • Individual workshops and sessions for school classes, teams and other groups
  •  Individually created group or circle dances for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, school- and community- festsIMG_7077_MOVEMENTUM

schwarzer Strich

S. Spletzer 2Creating with movementum

  • Individual art workshops for children and adults
  • Art classes for home schoolers
  •  Creative activities for special occasions, such as adult-birthdays, ceremonies, women circles, etc.
  •  Advice and support with your creative process and the creation of your personal portfolio

schwarzer Strich

Bild 2About Sarah

I love to work – and play – creatively with others!
My goal is to create a space for both inspiration and exploration in which children and adults can bring something unique out of themselves into this world.

With movementum I want to offer people a space where they can unfold themselves and discover new ways to move – and dance – through life more openly and inspired.

Imagination is always the key element.
he workshops and classes that I give can vary in discipline and technique: working on a 2 dimensional level, like drawing and collage; with material to make a 3 dimensional piece; or with our own body as the medium of creation.

Working with and from the body can not only increase your physical and mental flexibility, strength and awareness, it is also a medium that allows us to express ourselves instantly, by which I mean: in the moment at any given time.

I see it as my tasks to feel into the moment and to offer what is needed at that time –  a listening ear, a challenge, a sensitive eye, support, a person to share with.“

S. Spletzer 1In the summer of 2014 Sarah Spletzer Welters moved from Germany to Vermont.
She studied Fine Arts and Dance Therapy in the Netherlands and holds a Dutch degree as an artist in the classroom
As a creativity tutor Sarah offers classes and workshops and works one-on-one with people. 
The human body and its ways in the world is one of Sarahs greatest interests, both in her visual artwork and in her dancing.
Sarah has a wide background in the field of dance and Bodywork. Along with her dance therapy study she has taken workshops and courses in Body Mind Centering, choreography, modern dance,
contact improvisation, African dance and voice trainings.

S. Spletzer 4If you would like to receive movement’s newsletter, if you want to know more or have any questions contact me at

I am looking forward to explore your movementum with you!

schwarzer Strich

In movementum mani:fiesta


the curiousity in our fingertips

the wisdom of our bodies

the openess of our eyes

the reach of our voices

the sparkle of our phantasy

the strength of our hearts

and the power of our intuition

lead us in our lifes.                          

 Sarah Spletzer