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Write a poem, short story or anecdote! Put the experience of your gratefueled moments into words. When were you overflowing with gratitude, when are you nourished by thankfulness?

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This is my first gratefueled poem:

“I am gratefueled

in the moment when my breath
aligns with my movements

when he and I truly make love

when I am by the ocean and I listen
every time

by my friends
love exchanging and multiplying”


schwarzer Strich

Elisa writes:

“I am gratefueled
when I can feel my desire

I feel when
things make sense to me

I feel gratefueled when
my heartspace opens

when I kiss”


schwarzer Strich

Madelief writes:

My gratitude is fueled by

:: the sparkles from my little loves ::

:: that moment of pure harmonious
understanding between my love and I ::

:: the circles of connection in my life;
daughters and husband, parents and brothers,
sisters and women, community and earth ::


schwarzer Strich

to be here
open hearted
exitement pouring
through me
a heart full of
so easy when it flows
and hot feet
wanting to feel
the ground
the soil
the earth
while breathing
taking in life
pure & thick
in a warm forest
with beauty around
& within
sharing the beauty
hearing its sounds
feeling its touch
by the water
being washed away
renewing itself
every moment
right here
for us to embrace

                                                       Lisa Sulaika

background 2 gratefueled bw