The gratefueled project

[gret · fyuəld]

High mental, physical and spiritual state of gratefulness. When one is overflowing with gratitude, nourished by thankfulness.

The idea

IMG_2742When my son Milan was only three days old the word came to me, out of the blue -gratefueled.

It describes those often rare moments in which you are overflowing with gratitude, where you are nourished by thankfulness.


Out of this word came the idea to collect the gratefueled stories of other people.

You can share and submit your gratefueled stories here.

And I developed a unique line of shirts, baby onesies and foldable cards.

Please contact me, if you would like to purchase a gratefueled product.

The tank top dresses are available in grey and dark blue. They are $35.

The T-shirts are available in black. They are $25.

Baby onesies are dark blue, $25.

The card sets consist of 7 cards and matching envelops and are (hand)printed by letterpress in a local printshop. They are $25 a set.

background 2 gratefueled bw