Exploring the Invisible

I can`t help but explore.

What moves you?
How do you move through life?

These questions get me moving and awake my interest to explore.
The human condition, the experience of living life as a human being and the human body are often the starting point of my work.
I am a visual, physical, and feeling artist. 
Depending on what an idea asks of me, I will approach it with different disciplines and media, working and experimenting in the  fields of drawing, collage, installation, performance, dance, photography and writing.

I work from an idea through research and exploration towards a visual piece or happening, connecting concept with emotion.
The final outcome can be…

… playfull
a documentation
full of experiment

The individual human perception and use of time and space is a characteristic aspect of my work.
My inspiration and ideas emerge from my curiosity for everyday phenomena, such as the proces of breathing, feelings and thoughts, dreams and shadows. 
As an artist I feel astonished and challenged by these elusive ideas and processes.They have great  importance in our lifes, but yet they are invisible to the eye and often unconsious to the mind.

Which invisible aspects should be revealed?
What has to stay invisible?

I am seeking to study and deepen my awareness of these invisible elements and make them visible and seen again through my creative work.
Asking questions and sharing questions with other people is an important part of my workprocess.

What is there to know?
What is there to share?

Each question can be the starting point for a new project.
With every project I encounter new challenges.
While working on a project I try to give space to both the mind and thoughts of the adult  and the impulsive, feeling world and playfullness of the child.

What is the next question?
What is the next step?