Curriculum Vitae

Sarah Spletzer, 

May 1985 Born  in Herdecke, Germany (D)

September 2005 – 2014 Studies in the Netherlands and England

July 2014 Moved to Vermont, United States

September 2014 & August 2015 Married artist Quint Welters

December 2015 Gave birth to son Milan 


 1991 – 2004 Early education: elementary school, comprehensive school, final school diploma “Abitur” in the Münsterland, D

8/ 2005 – 7/ 2009 Study of Fine Arts at the AKI, ARTEZ, academy for fine arts and design, the Netherlands (NL), BA (Hon’s) Fine Arts

1/ 2008 – 5/ 2008 Erasmus- exchange, University College Falmouth, England, UK

9/ 2010 – 8/ 2011 Study/  education program “Bik opleiding” (Artists in the classroom), Groningen, NL

9/ 2012 – 6/ 2014 Study/  education program Dance Therapy (Querido technique), Enschede, NL

Group exhibitions

4/ 2006 & “Woordwerken en Boekbeelden”, Coda Museum,

4/ 2007 Apeldoorn, NL

6/ 2006 “Traumsammlung” (Dream collection) Kongsi, Enschede, NL

1/ 2008 Poly – Falmouth Arts Centre, Falmouth, UK

7/ 2009 Final exam exhibition, AKI, ARTEZ, Enschede, NL

5/ 2010 “Filling forms with colours”, Kunstroute Lonneker, NL

4/ 2013 “Verstand van Smaak”, Factor 44, Antwerpen, B

5/ 2014 “hin und weg”, dynamo expo, Enschede, NL

4/ 2015 “One thousand and one Vermont nights”, gallery six, Montpelier, VT, USA

Solo exhibitions

4/ 2010 “People in movement – drawings from a danceschool”, Rhapsody Gallery & Restaurant, Montpelier, Vermont, USA

5/ 2013 “In between there are doors”, Twenthe Biennale, Enschede, NL

Projects and performances

10/ 2008 Performance “Characteristics of Glass”, for the opening of “Glasrijk Tubbergen”, (glas festival) Tubbergen, NL

11/ 2008  Performance untitled (“The king of the picture”), Off Mess, Enschede, NL

6/ 2009 Performance “Zwartwitje”, Blikopener festival, Delft, NL

7 – 9/ 2009 Performance “atemberaubend” (breathtaking), at the opening of  ”Debuut 09”, Perron 1, Delden, NL

3/ 2010 Performance “Slow Motion” (Carpe Diem), public market space,  Groningen, NL, Collaboration with students from the school for Body- and Movement- Research “random collision” in Groningen

7 – 8/ 2011 Assistant for sculptor Quint Welters, Social Sculpture- Project “Two Rooms”, Enschede and Berlin

1/  2012    “One hand clapping”, comission for the international project “steal the pixel”, intitiated by Stephan Us

2/ 2012    “The big mancala game”, a mancala game from ice for the Icefestival in Hällefors, Sweden

4/ 2013 Interactive performance experiment ” Show me Yours – I`ll show you Mine” for the opening of “Verstand  van Smaak” in Antwerpen, B


7/2009 Year catalogue of the final exhibition, AKI, ARTEZ, Enschede, NL

7/2009 Catalogue of the exhibition ” Debuut 09”, Perron 1, Delden, NL

2/ 2010 Audiotrack on the Cd “Die Präsenz der Abwesenheit” (The presence of absence),

5/ 2010 Catalogue of the art tour “Kunstroute Lonneker”, NL

6/ 2011 “Bik boekje” 2011, Groningen, NL


3/ 2009 Nominated for the “ISC Award for outstanding student achievement in contemporary sculpture”, New Jersey, USA

1/ 2010 Winner of the audio competition  “Die Präsenz der Abwesenheit” (the presence of absence); initiated by artist Stephan Us, Münster, D; Release of one track on the corresponding audio-cd

Internships, jobs, practical experience

9 – 12/ 2004 Volunteer work in a home for street children in Honduras, Central America

1 – 2/ 2005 Internship with freelance artist Arinya Berges, Münster,D

3 – 5/ 2005 Internship at the pyschiatry for children and teenagers in Münster, D, with main focus on the art therapy department

11/ 2006 Bronze casting workshop at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, Schotland, UK

2006/ 2007 Part of the committee for organization and carrying out of the “ArtEZ AKI Festival 2007”, a 4-day art and culture festival in Enschede, NL

Since 2007 Leader of several art workshops in Germany and the Netherlands

6 – 7/ 2007 Attendance for “Skulpturprojekte Münster 07”, Münster, D

10/ 2009 – 4/ 2010 (Study-) journey to Vermont, USA und Montreal, Canada

5 – 9/2010 Assistent for “Niemandsland”, a Performance Project for young adults; direction: Stephan Us, initiated by Cactus Theater, Münster, D

1 – 5/ 2012 Projectleader for the artspace ”Tetem kunstruimte”, volunteer work, Enschede, NL

8/ 2012 – 3/ 2013 Organising and executing the public art project “Bewegingspatronen” (Movement patterns) for the Boddenkamp neighbourhood, in collaboration with the Montessori elementary school Het Zeggelt in Enschede, NL

2 – 6/ 2013 Internship  with danceteacher and choreographer Jacobien van der Heijden at the music and dance school “Kaliber kunstenschool”; dance- and improvisation- training with teenagers, assisting with choreographing 2 dances for the annual show, Enschede and Almelo, NL

2/ 2013 – 7/ 2014 Running the independent art studio “IdeenRijk” for children

4/ 2013 – 7/ 2014 Freelance work for the “Rijksmuseum Twenthe”, guiding educational tours for elementary and secondary schools

7/ 2014 move to the United States, to Cabot in Vermont

10/ 2015 Launching of movementum, a business that combines creative services in the field of dance, visual art, visualization and sharing.

Workshops and Courses

Art: Bronze casting, Glasblowing, Performance, Poetry

Dance: Body- & Movement Research, Contact Improvisation, Modern Dance, New Dance, Ballet, Choreography, African Dance, Tango, Belly Dance

Body Work: Yoga, Body Mind Centering, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais, Shiatsu

Music: Singing & Voice, African Drum (Djembé)


German, first language
English, fluent in written and spoken language
Dutch, fluent in written and spoken language
French, basic knowledge and understanding
Spanish, basic knowledge and understanding