Short biography

I grew up in Germany, surrounded by fields and trees, in the countryside close to Münster.

In 2005 I moved to the Netherlands to study Fine Arts at the AKI, Academy for Fine Arts and Design in Enschede. After the first orientation year I chose the sculpture department, but soon went on to explore other fields of expression, such as installation, drawing and performance.
I went to England in 2008 for one Erasmus exchange semester at the University College in Falmouth, where I collaborated with students from different disciplines (film and photography) and experimented with new techniques and material, such as wax and written words.

My artwork has been shown in exhibitions in the Netherlands, England and the USA.
I develop participative (art-)projects and collaborate with artists who work in various fields of art, like visual art, music and dance.

In 2010/2011 I followed the study programme “Bik opleiding“ in Groningen, which qualifies me as a “professional artist in the classroom“ (Beroepskunstenaar in de klas).
I develop and lead creative workshops for children and schools.
Just as in my own art practice, these workshops can vary in discipline and technique, working in 2D (drawing and collage), with material in 3D or using the own body and movement as a medium to express.
I enjoy to pass on the opportunity to work (and play!) creatively. I intend to create a space for both inspiration and exploration and love to share the experience of bringing something unique by- and out of ourself into this world.

Together with my visual work the field of dance, movement and bodywork has been my interest and excitement ever since. I have participated in a large number of courses and workshops in practices such as Modern Dance and African Dance, Contact improvisation, Movement Research, Yoga and Body Mind Centering.
Amongst others my teachers included Alito Alessi (US), Adinda Groeneveld (NL), Regina Biermann (D), Olive Bieringa (US), Soosan Gilson (UK) and Edan Gorlicki (Israel).
Working with and from the body is not only increasing my physical – and mental – flexibility, strength and awareness. But it also has a big influence on my creative practice – both as a source of inspiration and as a medium – a medium that allows me to express myself “instantly“, by which I mean: in the moment at any time. It can help me step back from using solely my mind, eyes and hands to solve creative problems and to instead integrate my whole body.

Following my inner drive to deepen my knowledge and skills in the field of bodywork and dance I followed the dance therapy program in Enschede, NL, which I completed in  June 2014 . The dance therapy method that I studied is called Querido method, after the founder of this particular practice.

In February 2013 I was offered an internship with dance teacher and choreographer Jacobien van der Heijden at the centre for music and dance in Enschede. I prepared warming up- and creative dance excercises for the classes and assisted Jacobien and the 6 students with developing the choreographies for two dances for the annual show.

In July 2014 my partner Quint and I took a leap of faith and moved to Quint’s home State Vermont in the USA. Together we dived deeper into life, got married and are now raising our first child, our son Milan.
When I finally received my green card and permission to work in the US, I started my own business movementum,  a long dreamt dream of mine. Dance, create, share – that is what I want to do and want to offer to the world. Being a Tausendsassa, a Jack of all trades, I am sure that it will be realized in diverse ways and plenty of projects!

Besides my creative work -solo or in collaboration with others- there are lots of things that nourish me as an artist and human being: Digging my hands into (garden) earth, cooking delicious and nourishing meals for myself and friends, traveling the world and undiscovered near and far places, making living spaces more beautiful and livable, creating and wrapping gifts in unique ways.. and maybe most of all – deep exchange with other people; whether that is in dancing, singing or in having a good and deep conversation with another being.

For more information on my creative work see my statement Exploring the Invisible.
For facts and dates check out my CV.