May ’17 I see something you can’t see…

SarahSpletzerCollageHow art and guided meditation can inspire each other

A workshop with Sarah Spletzer Welters & movementum

Saturday, May 27, 9am-1pm at G.R.A.C.E. in Hardwick, Vermont

Do you like to daydream and listen to stories? Do you enjoy following guided meditations? Do you like to collect your dreams in a journal? Do stories inspire you to create something? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, chances are that this workshop is for YOU! I will lead a few guided meditations and so-called dream journeys while you relax, listen and follow where your own imagination leads you. These visualizations will be our base of inspiration that will provide us with the images required to create a drawing and a special kind of collage, called vision board or dream board.

For more info go the g.r.a.c.e. website:

Pre registration is required, please go to:

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