Jan ’17 Mini retreats for women

When was the last time you treated yourSelf?

I am not talking about that chocolate bar you bought on your way home last night!

I am talking about a deep staring-at-the-fire-for-hours kind of relaxation.

I am talking about dancing all the dances your body wants to dance.

I am talking about simple mindfullness techniques, that enrich your life.

I am talking about getting into a flow with your own creativity.

I am talking about sharing your truth with other women whole-heartedly.

I am talking nourishing inspiration, bountyfull laughter and deep soul search.

If this sparks your curiosity come to the Wiley building in Cabot (3rd floor) on January 21st from 3 to 5pm and join the first mini retreat for free! 
Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.

We will have time for a round of Q&A, so bring your questions!

Please R.S.V.P. to sarahspletzer@gmail.com if you would like to come!

Do you need childcare for the time of the mini retreats? Let me know! With 3 or more children I can arrange loving childcare for the afternoon. sarahspletzer@gmail.com

I will offer you a variety of experiences to explore your own creativity, sense-uality and move-mentum.

That can be (authentic) body movement, dance, exercises drawn from Body Mind Centering, visual creating with our hands, storytelling, writing, mindfulness exercises and meditation and a various forms of sharing.

I am looking forward to meet you all!
And ladies… spread the word!movementum


Learn more about movementum and read movementum’s mani:fiesta

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