Oct ‘ 16 Drawing classes with movementum

Come and join us for a special series of drawing classes in Cabot!

Along the lines – a series of Drawing Classes 

:: Series of 10 drawing classes for people age 12 and up ::

Length: 9 classes of 1,5 hours
Start: Nov 28th
Price: $130 per person, including material
Place: At the Meeting room (1st floor) in the Willey building in Cabot village

What will we do? What is there to learn?

This series of classes is for everyone who wants to learn how to draw and is not afraid to experiement with new ways of learning.
If you feel intimidated by the idea of drawing, or you think you can not draw – even better! The way we approach drawing in this class might not even leave any space in your brain for that kind of thinking.You will learn that it’s all about seeing – the rest is practice!”
We will follow a few excercises from Betty Edwards’ classic “Drawing on the right side of the brain” and some practices that I developed and tested myself that will enhance our seeing eye and our drawing hand(s). They will include some basics about all that technical stuff, like perspective, light and shadow and human anatomy.
We will work with a variety of high quality drawing material, both dry and wet, so you can figure out your preferences.
You will learn a few focusing and relaxing techniques, that are very handy to know, not only as a preperation for drawing.
I will introduce a number of famous and not-so-famous drawing artist, to let you get familiar with a little (drawing) art history.
And finally we will share and look at each others creations to see what we can learn from each other and be astonished about our own process.
All together it will be a solid mixture of theory, technique, practice and fun!

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