Apr ‘ 15 Sharazad and the first of 1001 Vermont nights

IMG_2445 IMG_8725 IMG_8726 IMG_8739 IMG_8740 IMG_8746 IMG_8758 The first of 1001 Vermont story telling Nights was an evening to truely enjoy, starting with the story of Sharazad of the classic 1001 Nights.

Story tellers Marcus Becherer, Glen Coburn Hutcheson, R.D. Eno, Sarah Spletzer and Tony Lolli shared there self-written and retold stories and poems in a cozy and concentrated atmosphere, surrounded by the artwork of Janet van Fleet, Philip Hagopian, Glen Cobard Hutcheson, James Secor, Sarah Spletzer, Jenny Warshow and Sjon Welters that each illustrated one part of Sharazad’s story.

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