Dec `14 Little visitor

Kleine FeeThis afternoon  I got visited by this little fairy lady. She landed on a piece of paper and left a bit of fairy dust behind. She did not say a word, just smiled a little, mysterious smile.

She reminded me how truly great this year has been.
With my partner and me moving to the United States this summer and the loss of a good friend I learned a good deal about letting go this year.
But oh how much you get back, when you let go! Especially support by fellow people.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry says: “There is no great luxury, but the one of true human relationships.” Hallelujah! : )
So let me thank you, my family, my other family, my friends, children friends, fellow artists, and everyone that helps me play, grow and live my life the way I do.

Bless you and you and … you!


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