May `14 hin und weg


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In 2006 six students meet in an anti-squat building in the center of Enschede, the Netherlands. During and after their studies they follow their own paths which lead them to Turkey, Argentina, England, the USA, Sweden and Germany. Now, in 2014 they come together for a group exhibition at Dynamo Expo in Enschede. The six artist know the “hin und weg” feeling -the feeling of being attracted by an idea or a place. They share the experience of leaving a familiar place and starting all over in a new environment.


And so this small exhibition revolves around grand topics: wanderlust/ being in movement to see from a new perspective/ setting out on the personal path of life/ exploring strange cultures and  long distance communication. These aspects interplay in the mélange of audio art, sculpture, collage, photography and written text.

Artists: Julia Beck, Stephan Läufer, David Möller, Sarah Spletzer, Lisa Sulaika Wacker and Quint Welters

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