Dec `12 Movement Patterns project

Together with the children from the Montessori school “Het Zeggelt”, I developed an artpiece for the Boddenkamp – neighbourhood in Enschede, the Netherlands.
The big silhouette paintings are going to cover a fence around a construction site  in the town, next year.

A big Thank you to all the helpers and the kids for their great enthousiasm!

(1) Movement workshop: the kids developed interesting body positions and corresponding movement -patterns.

IMG_7596-1.1 IMG_7599-1.1IMG_7619-1.1 schwarzer StrichIMG_7789-1.1

(2) Drawing the various body positions onto big sheets of paper, cutting out the silhouette stencils.

IMG_7779.1 IMG_7826 IMG_7830IMG_7833-1.1 IMG_7841-1.1IMG_7803-1.1 IMG_7809-1.1schwarzer Strich

3) With a little (big) help of neighbours and friends we painted 25 wooden boards white in a weekend session at “Tanksstation”, the new culture center in Enschede.

IMG_7657-1.1IMG_7766.1IMG_7662-1.1 IMG_7706-1.1IMG_7713-1.1 IMG_7743-1.1 IMG_7747-1.1schwarzer Strich

(4) Painting the black silhouettes on wooden boards.

IMG_7847.1 IMG_7848.1 IMG_7850-1.1

schwarzer Strich(5) Finally on the wall!IMG_8777

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