Okt `12 What makes art important?

Did you ever wonder what makes art important?
Let`s leave the so-often raised question: What is art? aside and focus on questions like:

How does art change our (daily) lifes? Your life?

What is art capable of?

Does art change anything? What does it change?

I invite you to share your statements and comments on this question here.
The statement might be written by yourself, or quoted from a famous artist, philosopher, …

To give an example, I will start with a beautifull little text by Herman Hesse:

“Whether art or beauty are really capable to make better and stronger persons of us is the question. But one thing is certain. Like the starry sky they remind us of light, order and harmony, of `meaning´ in the chaos.”


  1. I have this one for you, by Georges Braque:
    “Art is meant to disturb, science reassures.”

  2. tracy martin

    congratulations Sarah! i’m so happy you have your wonderful website up.
    i’ve framed the wonderful sketches of my dance class! thank you again for those!!
    hope all is well.

    tracy martin (the dance teacher in montpelier)

  3. tracy martin

    oh – and art reminds us we’re NOT a machine (or a computer!) everyday!

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